Sometimes, when I get really excited about something, my heart stomps around in my head in an an uncoordinated, eager frenzy. This happened today when I 1) discovered StyleLikeU and 2)watched this video of stylist Lori Goldstein. 

I tried to keep this video in my arsenal until next Monday's "On My Mind" post but just couldn't do it. 

Lori works magic with clothes. A self described “tomboy who loves sparkly things," her signatures include mismatched patterns, chunky jewels and an irreverent attitude. I adore her. I want to dress up in a Missoni maxi and a hodge-podge of jewels and drink martinis with her.Watch the video below and go to StyleLikeU for the full story. 

Lori Goldstein from StyleLikeU.com from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

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