Other Things I Did This Week

I survived a "cleanse." You know, the kind of thing where you can't have any salt, sugar, carbs, or anything with taste? I (of all people) did it for a week. And I only thought about pasta and wine half of my waking hours! I'm sad to admit that I felt great and found myself becoming one of those annoying people that swears they have more energy when they're drinking tons of water and eating lean and mean. This is set to continue for awhile longer so we'll see how I feel about this in a week.

Since, we're on the topic of food... I went to dinner at Cleo (as a one night respite from above cleanse). I tried to get sassy and order a cocktail with serrano chiles. It tasted like... serrano chiles. Which meant, for a girl who orders chicken korma when eating Indian food, my lips were on fire! Turned out to be less adventure, more pain than imagined.
Face post chile cocktail 

Despite this issue I really enjoyed the tapas. I usually think brussel sprouts taste like dirty sock flavored cabbage but Cleo's were served as flat crispy pieces with generous dosing of salt and some other amazing seasonings, that made them taste nothing like brussel sprouts and consequently delicious. You should go. And ask for Allison.

I started enjoying the normal, chilly fall weather (which has since morphed into an 80 degree Sunday) so I wrote this post for The Budget Fashionista on twenty adorable sweaters under $20. They're genuinely cute.

And I know you're probably sick of reading about my animal print obsession so I professed my love in a fresh outlet with this post on animal print finds under $10. Fab Sugar also featured this article on Friday's Link Time post which made me happy.

Lastly, for my Weekly Dig column I chose the top ten dates in Agoura Hills. Read it and weep- I know you've been waiting your entire life for that article.

Hope you had a happy weekend.

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