An Ode To Taxi Drivers

I don't know what it is about taxi drivers (or fast food employees, security guards, and bartenders...) but whenever I get in a cab I feel an overwhelming need to uncover their life story. My questions are Peabody award probing and my inability to understand what they are saying is usually masked in a glazed over, excited grin. And then, I take their picture. Why? Sometimes because the situations are absurd and must be remembered. Other times, just to make them feel included (since I'm usually taking pictures of girls in the cab anyways). 

I've met some stellar cabbies in my day and wanted to pay tribute to them- the good and the few that turn a blind eye to a sippy cup of champagne, turn the music up to nightclub levels and don't run up the meter by taking the long route. Here's to you.

In Chicago, some cabbies like to join the party:

In Chicago they also lend you their pillow on long road trips (this is technically a bus driver but his outstanding personality warranted inclusion).

Taxi drivers in downtown LA have real style (hello leopard print).

They also let you do the driving from time to time...

In Hollywood they dress especially spiffy.

And in London they're on the other side- shocker!

In Tucson some cabbies like to bring their wife to work... (this is a city of romance)

 And in Washington D.C. you get... the SUV treatment.

Until we meet again Yellow Cab! xo


  1. or maybe they just want ur money and don't want to see your face bobbing up and down in the rear view mirror, harassing them with questions... just maybe...

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    There's definitely been plenty of drivers in my life that are in line with your description... my buddies above do not fall into that category.

    Also, featuring said others wouldn't make for a very interesting blog post... would it? xo