66 Things I Learned in 2010

1. Certain things are worth splurging on (champagne, lipstick, hair dryers...).
2. Other things are not worth splurging on (mascara, trendy items, over the top gifts).
3. It's all about fit.
4. It's best to wait 15 minutes before applying your topcoat on your manicure because that allows the polish to set and avoids chipping.
5. Polyester isn't that scary.
6. Camel toes can happen to the loveliest of vaginas in the wrong pants (witnessed primarily at the gym).
7. There's nothing wrong with wearing your best jewels to run errands.
8. Ebay bidding wars produce high blood pressure and nightmares.
9. A scary Halloween costume and clubbing in Hollywood don't jive.
10. Lounging in fur and cashmere makes strep throat a bit better.
11. Screw regular trims... refusal to cut your hair also makes it grow.
12. The thrill of shopping can give you legitimate endorphins.
13. Middle parts are not for me (despite valiant efforts)...
14. Embrace what fits your body and duplicate the silhoutte in different patterns, fabrics, etc.
15. The best style is personal and unique.
16. Sequins and leopard print can always make you happy.

1. Boys can be sensitive too.
2. Mystery does not always beget coolness.
3. Boys gossip as much as girls (just in a different style).
4. Thank you notes are better with personal anecdotes.
5. Girls will judge you, get over it ahead of time.
6. True friends will give you the dress of their back when you like their outfit better than yours.
7. My Grandma had four fiances before my Granddad hitchiked in his military uniform from Texas to Hollywood to steal her away from her latest fiance. She "had a lot of fun."
8. No matter their age, most women are socially programmed to reject compliments.
9. Chivalry goes a long way.

1. Good lighting is everything.
2. Kissy faces in photos always make you look drunk or fish-faced.
3. It is possible to feel incredibly old and wildly young simultaneously.
4. You absolutely must trust yourself.
5. You can't take tweets back.
6. Life moves dizzyingly fast.
7. Paparazzi are people too.
8. Taking your google search safety off moderate is one of the most disturbing things you can do.
9. It is not appropriate to high-five obese strangers at the gym.
10. Report cards and credit card statements are one in the same: how much damage have I done?
11. The only problem with being a writer is that you have to write.
12. Anonymity gives people the courage to be rude.

Food & Drink
1.You can order straight up coffee at Starbucks (there's a world outside of lattes!)... and ordering a grande coffee with room makes you feel badass in a corporate way.
2. Gin and tonics and productivity don't always mix.
3. Salads, baked potatoes and spaghetti are not good driving foods.
4. Green onions don't look like other onions.
5. French fries and tequila don't like me as much as I like them.
6. Coffee Bean is a Kosher establishment.
7. Bloody Mary's hold the key to a happy weekend.
8. "Chips Ahoy" is a pun on "Ships Ahoy"... woah!
9. Cheeseburgers and zumba class do not mix well...
10. You can train yourself to love cooking by opening a bottle of wine every time you make dinner.
11. Raisins can restore fizz to champagne. Drop a couple in the bottle a few minutes before serving.
12. Eating poppy seed bagels can show up as heroin on a drug test.
13. Ordering a salad but then eating all of your boyfriend's french fries does not count as dieting.
14. Absinthe at family gatherings can be iffy.
15. Wine tasting is my happy place.
16. Kraft mac and cheese beats fancy, four-gourmet-cheese mac and cheese.
17. It's not the best idea to buy fancy dinner packages off of Gilt group...
18. Consuming generous amounts of champagne the morning of your college graduation leads to napping during the graduation ceremony.

1. Credit card bills don't pay themselves.
2. Getting your car serviced isn't as optional as it seems.
3. Polyester cannot be dyed.
4. Cleaning out your friends list on facebook feels even better than cleaning out your closet!
5. You can make DMV appointments online.
6. There's a little arrow next to the gas icon on your dashboard that points to the side of the car your gas pump is on.

1. Alcohol at the airport is always a good idea.
2. You can fit 17 people in one tiny house in Georgetown... as long as you throw six girls in a closet-like room with only one mattress.
3. After you've been waiting over 10 minutes for a public bathroom it is not worth it anymore. Time to walk away.
4. Brunch in Georgetown means an open bar and half a bagel...
5. It can snow in Vegas!

Image 1 via Belle Maison, Image 3 via Lula Magazine

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  1. 67. Even though rare, at some moments 108 degrees can seem cool and breezy and a fast food game challenge can be a motivation for someone to live.