Daily Quote Dose: The Impact of You

"I am a part of all that I have met." -Alfred Lord Tennyson

Blogspiration... And 10 Things I've Been Doing

Here are some things I've been doing lately:

1. Googling Marilyn Monroe.

2. Mastering the frozen food aisle in the grocery store.

3. Having issues with my nose which feels like it has knives inside the left nostril.

4. Dropping the above fact in conversation with strangers, casually.

5. Wondering why above strangers didn't want to talk to me about my possibly cancerous or flesh eating nostril.

6. Getting lost in the paint aisles at Home Depot and annoying all staff within a 30 foot radius.

7. NOT going on Web MD.

8. Eating sausages and drinking fancy beer at Bru Haus. Verdict: I do not appreciate quality beer but I do appreciate quality sausage (I set you up for this one...). And you should go here if you are a male that wears polos to work and wants to watch sports during happy hour (or, if you want to meet one of these creatures).

9. Testing out cheap wines at Trader Joes. One winner so far: Black Mountain Pinot Noir (let it also be known I incorporate bottle presentation into my assesment and have little to zero formal training or knowledge... but I am bossy and consume many a glasses of red).

10. Getting inspired by these ladies of the blogosphere:



What have you been up to sugar buns? 

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Daily Quote Dose: Large Parties

"I like large parties. They're so intimate. At small parties there isn't any privacy." -F Scott Fitzgerald


Gone Shopping: Adore Vintage

Life is cruel sometimes. Just when you think to yourself, "hey, I can be thrifty and buy only what I truly need for the next two weeks" it goes and slaps you with sartorial findings that have you salivating.

Here the line between "truly need" and "what the hell was I thinking" becomes a little fuzzy.Vintage turbans more important than eating? Obviously. 

Well, the above musing is fueled by a recent discovery of Adore Vintage. It's a magically curated site, ripe with vintage gems and it's (thank you Jesus) not expensive!

Alert the mastercard, mama needs some 70's party dresses (what's new?).

Here are all of the things I would like in my closet:

1. 1960's Turban

2. 70's Sundress

Consider it a true testament to my endearment to you that I've divulged my favorite pieces...

See anythaaaang you like?

Daily Quote Dose: Some People

"Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet." -Roger Miller


Daily Quote Dose: A True Friend...

"A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked." 
-Bernard Meltzer



For a prediction of my weekend see above. 

If you want to get all specific about it: tonight I'll slide my hiney into some vinyl booths that look like they're straight out of a horror movie from the 1970's... this is all in the name of friendship (happy birthday B & W). 

I'll be wearing this dress and if there's any ounce of responsibility in me I'll snap a photo to share.

I'm also tackling some DIY home projects (painting; sanding; heavy lifting)... pray for me.

Wishing you a weekend of pleasant surprises.

P.S., anything fancy on your agenda?

P.P.S, If you need some reading material check out my newest blog obsession, Tuula


Daily Quote Dose: To Be Frank

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." -Gone with the Wind

Mood: Water Baby

There's a special level of contentment I experience when by the water. I prefer the ocean but will take a lake or a swimming pool in a pinch. 

I've even been known to embrace a kiddie pool filled with beer, but you're going to have to make a much stiffer drink for that to happen again. 

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Daily Quote Dose: Friendship Is Born When...

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'" 
-C.S. Lewis  

Playing Dress Up: 1stDibs

There is a life of mine that exists within my mind. It's fantastical, splendid and sparkling. It is a world in which I roll out of bed to find hot, fresh brewed coffee on my desk, right next to a laptop, a stack of magazines and an abyss of time to be spent writing. 

It's a world in which fresh cut flowers are delivered to my house regularly; I have a personal masseuse; all dogs are potty trained; my makeup and hair always look professionally done; high heels are more comfortable than uggs; and there is no such thing as a hangover.

You might call this my dream life, and you might, as it turns out, call this some of my dream wardrobe. It falls into the dream category because at the moment I can't drop a cool 18 hundred on a dress. I probably shouldn't drop eighteen cents on a dress right now but let's be honest, I spent my cable money on vintage dresses this month (one of which you just saw). 

I'm so over TV anyways...

It's clear I can procrastinate with the best of them. Anything tickle your pickle?


Daily Quote Dose: The Most Wonderful Thing

"When I was about eight, I decided that the most wonderful thing, next to a human being, was a book." - Margaret Walker

...Depending on the day, a glass of wine might compete for this title in my world. 

Gone Shopping: Vintage Online

Karen Blanchard of WhereDidYouGetThat makes my most groovy sartorial dreams come true. I'm always clicking through her posts to see the origin of her bell bottoms and one recent exploration led me to Cuffs.

The Cuffs stores are up in Northern California, but if you're out of area (like yours truly) their website boasts some impressive and affordable options. I particularly enjoyed the vintage department and while there aren't a bajillion options, there's plenty to satisfy your spending tooth.

I just bought this vintage psychedelic wonder:

And also wished this wasn't sold out...

Any favorite online haunts you'd like to divulge?


Crazy Print Lady

I'm learning a lot of things working in an office. One thing I'm not learning is names. Peoples' names that is.

I've been wondering, where's the chick that can rattle off the middle name of a celebrity's baby on the drop of dime? What happened to my memory that allowed me to colorfully describe the ingredients and measurements of my favorite cocktail?

Why can I remember your favorite type of greek yogurt; the number of times you like to press the "door close" button in the elevator; the name of the friend that you always have animated phone conversations with in the hallway; and on which day you wear your baseball hat, but I cannot remember your little, two syllable name.

This has been happening a lot.

So, in lieu of names, I remember people by habits and outstanding characteristics. I figure, especially since I'm the new girl (or new-ish girl) that people probably don't remember mine either.

This got me to thinking that they must be labeling me some other way. I thought about what could be defining me.

My label might be the-girl-with-the-grande-latte, the-girl-that-looks-half-awake-every-morning, the-girl-that-drinks-obscene-amounts-of-water, the-girl-that-keeps-her-cell-in-her-lap-at-all-times, the-girl-that-sneezes-like-a-dwarf-squirrel, or a collection of other things. And while these labels are all possible, it's clear to me what my most outstanding habit is: wearing crazy prints.

I am The Crazy Print Lady.

I've worn leopard; stripes; good and plenty patterns; polka dots; navajo prints; african tribal prints; herringbone; gingham; plaid; etc.

You name it, I've worn it in the last four weeks. And I've probably worn it with another print at the same time.

So, this post is coming to you, courtesy of your friend, The Crazy Print Lady. I hope you enjoy the inspiration.

And I hope if you go print crazy this weekend that you might think of me. You don't need to remember my name. My label will do.

PS happy friday to you. I hope you avoid hangovers, pot holes and snagged tights. 

See you soon. 

PPS, which print is your favorite?  

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Weird Things Are Happening...

Something is happening to me. Somewhere, in between the jumping around, the squealing, the cheers'ing and the color coding of my closet I have become... (semi) domestic.

"How can you claim such a thing?" you ask! Well, here's how: I've developed insomnia because I am consumed by.... couches.


And pots. And pans. And how in the hell you're supposed to cook anything without a microwave (that's another post). And how to paint a room. And how to sand a coffee table.

Who do I think I am?

Whoever I am, I dream of slipcovers. And I, naturally, have been doing some online stalking to further my mental preoccupations.

Here are some couch findings:

If you google couch you will get to enjoy this:

Or better yet, this: 
I feel bad leaving the image of vagina couches as your final take away from this post so here:

We're all soapy and clean now... 

And if, as you observe my very bizarre behavior,  you're fearing that I've become a regular Mad Men housewife, I'll just let you in on something to ease your mind: tonight I cooked a lean cuisine on a piece of cardboard because I don't have baking sheets... or a microwave... or anything besides wine glasses really.

images via We Heart It