Meet Jessica

Jessica Hagy was born and raised in Southern California. She grew up convinced that her life was a musical that required elaborate costumes and constant serenades. She kept her eyes open for Cadbury Eggs year round and liked to write poetry about things elementary school girls care most about: love, the meaning of life, unrequited love, and N'Sync. 

In high school she illegally hemmed her Christian School uniform skirts with the best of them before attending the University of Southern California to study Broadcast Journalism and Creative Writing. 

While at USC she developed an even more extensive costume collection, danced in some fountains, learned to flip her hair in sorority synchronization, developed the ability to fit as many girlfriends in one hotel bed as possible, and memorized the menu at Del Taco. She also studied abroad in London, where she fell in love with the city and spent her days vintage shopping and her nights developing a list of favorite pubs. 

As she entered the real world last summer, she figured a blog might be a nice way to write about what she likes most: fashion, relationships, travel, interior design, inspirations and life's little eccentricities.  

Jessica believes:
In wearing Grandma's fur with her pajamas. 
In making up story lines that chronicle the past lives of her vintage dresses. 
In spritzing herself with perfume before bed.
In ice cream for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. 
In coloring outside the lines.
 A nice bottle of wine and a great book are equally delightful, but the combination of the two is ideal. 
True friends can be your soul sisters. 
There's nothing wrong with wearing your best jewels to run errands. 
In dirty martinis. 

Pretty is nice, but bright is better. 
Imagination keeps the mind sparkling.  
Travel satisfies the soul. 
In seeking inspiration everywhere, always. 

"We are all worms, but I do believe I am a glowworm." – Winston Churchill