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"Brief is life but love is long."- Alfred Lord Tennyson 


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"Geeks are people who love something so much, all the details are interesting." -Google's Marissa Mayer


Cashmere Bum

Sweater- Vince, Dress- Zara, Bag- Vintage Coach, Shoes- Stuart Weitzman, Turban (last seen here)- Asos, Glasses- Topshop 

When I'm feeling lazy there are two things I undoubtedly always want to wear: flowy dresses and cashmere.

This week I'm in a post holiday funk. I'm depressed Christmas is over, I'm in denial that I don't get to enjoy my beloved (college style) four week break and I'm all confused about packing for my trip to Texas... well, I was confused... now I'm sitting on top of an overstuffed bag  praying that I was smart not to bring my heavy coats.

I'm not quite sure about Texas. The first time I visited Austin this June I came back feeling like a blimp after consuming every fried food imaginable and eating amazeballs catering on the set of True Grit. As I head to Dallas for the first time I'm expecting more of the same- as in, fried food, men with cute texan accents, and big everything. With packing, mourning the death of Christmas, and meeting my best friend for coffee on the agenda today I needed a comfy, mellow outfit... so this happened.

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"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." -Henry David Thoreau


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"Come quickly. I am drinking the stars!" -Dom Perignon

Image via From Me To You 


Merry Christmas From Me to You

Right now, as I sit by the fire in my Christmas pj's with a glass of cabernet and a stomach so stuffed that I will never eat again I feel a bit like this:

That's mainly because last night and this morning look a bit like this (minus hanging in the bathtub with my presents):

I hope your holiday was full of good food, family, strong drinks and a visit from this guy:
I also hope your day was half as charming as these images:

Merry Christmas to you. And thank you for reading. xx 

Images 2 & 3 Kate Spade, Image 8 via This is Glamorous, Image 9 via Silver Lining, Image 10 via Bardot In Blue


Holiday Dressed Down with Adrianna Papell

If you've been perusing my blog for a little while you know that I'm not-so-quietly-obsessed with party dresses. There always seems to be an occasion around the corner (in many cases, my occasion is Friday night) that requires the perfect little cocktail dress. Right now I'm naturally thinking about what to wear this Christmas and New Years so I was completely giddy when I had some Adrianna Papell and Aidan Mattox dresses sent my way. I decided to showcase my favorites in what would be my first dive into this-is-me-in-the-clothes fashion blogging.

Instead of wearing the dresses in their obvious dressed up state, I decided to mix it up and play around with ways these pieces can be worn after the holiday parties are over. So I headed to a Christmas tree lot (which as you can see was pretty deserted... probably due to the hair-frizzing rain fall), bribed my brother and here we have it:

 Love, love, love this vintage inspired lace... especially when mixed with other fabrics.
Dress: Adrianna Papell, buy it here at Nordstroms; Turban: ASOS; Scarf: Vintage; Shirt: J Crew; Boots: Baker's.

I adore the neckline on this number. Also, the fit is awesomely comfortable.
Dress: Adrianna Papell, buy it here at Nordstrom's; Sweater: Lucy Paris; Boots: Baker's.

Leave me a comment with your thoughts and check in tomorrow for Aidan Mattox dresses dolled up.

Photos by Steve (I'm-so-nice-to-my-sister) Hagy


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"What America needs now is a drink." - Franklin D. Roosevelt


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"Beauty is not caused. It is." -Emily Dickinson


Creepy St. Nick

Tonight I was wondering (in the midst of getting berated at Coffee Bean for eating my spicy tuna roll in a "kosher establishment"... first off WHY is Coffee Bean kosher... doesn't that seem random? And also, uh, dude, tuna is kosher... I googled it), who decided it was a good idea to have children all over the world sit on the laps of strange, bearded, red velvet jumpsuit wearing, big-bellied men?

Santa can be scary. Evidence:

"RUN!!!!" Let's be honest big sis is a little creepy too.
"Why me?!"

"Sis, it sucks at first but you like it more every time."
You smell like reindeer sh*t
"I'd rather gag myself than be here!"

"Don't take me back! You don't know what I've seen!"

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"Dogs are better than human beings because they know but do not tell." -Emily Dickinson


Tuesday's Top Ten; Top Ten Celebrity Crushes

Yesterday's post on the Blue Valentine trailer skyrocketed my crush on Ryan Gosling to new levels and also got me thinking about my favorite celebrities to look at. I've never considered myself one to have celebrity crushes but the more I daydreamed, the clearer it became that I just might have a few (ten). Here you go... you're welcome. 

James Franco... weird (in the best way) and dreamy. 

Jake Gyllenhaal. I don't like Taylor Swift anymore. 

David Beckham. I'd watch soccer for him. 

Ryan Reynolds. He's also pretty funny....and.... abs. 

John Krasinski. Funny hot.... sigh. 

Johnny Depp... Oldie but goodie. 

Paul Walker.... middle school crush that's still goin' strong.  

Ryan Gosling. If you like him as much as I do go to this site

Jason Segel... goofy hot. 

Hayden Christensen... pretty hot.


Could They Be Any Cuter?

Blue Valentine comes out December 31st. Anyone want to go with me?

Daily Quote Dose

"Personality is the most important thing to an actress' success." 
-Mae West

Spring Wardrobe of My Dreams.

I have a pretty fantastical mind sometimes. My day dreams are vivid, insane and always include a magical wardrobe. Recently I've been daydreaming about what I'll be wearing this Spring; not because I like Spring, it's actually the least exciting season in my opinion (don't tell the Easter bunny) but because I've been spending unhealthy amounts of time admiring all of the Spring 2011 Ready To Wear collections on Style.com.

I decided it was necessary to create my dream Spring wardrobe full of my favorite pieces. There's a clear 70's influence in these picks and an obvious need for me to have a dress intervention before my entire wardrobe consists of frocks (in my opinion, that would be splendid). Leave me a comment with your favorites!

This is what I will wear out to dream dinner. I will order prosciutto and melon and it will be delicious and because this is a dream my hair is also this luscious:

Tracy Reese 

This is what I will wear to my dream cocktail party that I'm hosting. It is my dirty martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives dress:

Alice + Olivia 
This is my dream running errands in the city outfit. It comes with a latte that never gets cold:
J Crew

This is my strolling in Italy outfit:
Dolce and Gabbana

This is my nighttime yacht  party dress:


This is my sipping wine on a patio in the afternoon dress:
Rebecca Taylor 

This is my strolling the beach in Santorini dress:
Dolce and Gabbana

This is my patron and pineapple dress:

This is my dream going out in Paris dress. Naturally, I speak fluent French and smell like roses and champagne:


This is my mimosa brunch in London dress:
Temperley London 

This is my artistic, spending the day making collages outfit:
J Crew 

This is my lounging in central park outfit:
Badgley Mischka