Other Things I Did This Week

What I didn't get to do at the bar. 
This week I wore a turban, ruined my diet with friendsgiving (a smorgasbord of thanksgiving carbs and wine), saw 'arry potta (or listened to Harry Potter since I spent 50 percent of the time with my face covered... my general rule of thumb is when the intense music comes in, cover your eyes), and went to a karaoke bar and didn't get to sing. I am pretty despondent about not getting to sing karaoke. Everyone knows there is no point of going to a sweaty, small bar with a subpar scene unless you're allowed the privilege of singing what you think is a completely smashing rendition of Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You," (which, mind you, wasn't in the song catalogue. Blasphemy.).

I also ate at Blue Plate and Literati Bar and Grill. You've probably been there before because I'm a bit of late bloomer when it comes to restaurant knowledge, but if not I highly recommend both places. Naturally, I ordered breakfast and alcohol at both meals and was impressed greatly.

I also wrote some stuff.

In case you have prying relatives or grandparents with halitosis I wrote this Holiday Season Survival Guide. For all of my Weekly Dig articles I mostly have to use my own photos, which means my friends and family are given uncomfortable weekly shout outs.

I also like lace (a lot) so I hit the web in search of cheap lace finds and wrote this piece for The Budget Fashionista. I want the lace maxi skirt...

And, since it's been ski socks cold lately I found ten cozy scarves under ten dollars in this article.

Hope you've had a splendid weekend!

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