The Dreamiest Apartment That Ever Was

Okay. I am either still dreaming or I have found the most ethereal, gorgeous apartment that my little eyes have ever laid eyes on. It belongs to Camilla, the owner of Milla Boutique, and I've been wondering all day if she needs a live in-assistant or even a 24-7 on call nose picker.

If I lived here I would only be sad on Mondays and I would swim in the sea of fur and sequins and whitewashed details and rustic brick.

The photos below are from two Scandinavian publications and show two versions of Camilla's place, the first (her current decor) is warmer and rustic, while the second shows the apartment in a brighter, airy phase. I would like to marry this apartment- no prenup.

Hi Kate Moss in the art collage.

I too like to keep an eye on my furs while I bathe.

I would brush my teeth 20 times a day?...

Sequins and fur pillow combo? Crystal and feathers?!... I know.


  1. So quaint and effortlessly chic...can I live here please?

  2. can you post where you found some of this stuff?