Other Things I Did This Week

I got a new computer. All the better to blog with my dearest.

This wasn't really a choice, more of a necessity, like going through puberty or getting your hair done... it was a non negotiable. Prior to the realization that I would be getting a new computer I spent a couple of hours in Apple with Oscar trying to fix my "situation." Its always a little nerve racking when they ask you "you don't mind if I look through your hard drive (or whatever it's called) do you?" Suddenly, even though you hadn't thought of it before, you feel like you have things to hide. Will he judge me for my drunken college pictures? Will he be astounded by my bizarre taste in music? Can he see that my recent pages on safari have been dedicated to facebook stalking the most random of victims?! Will he find my stash of shoe porn?

Oscar didn't mind. He felt so bad for me and my shaking stressed out self that he even offered me water. I declined but wondered if they served water bottles with the apple logo on the sleeve. Or Steve Jobs' face and turtleneck...

I did some fun things on the new computer. I learned how to use iMovie and made this video package with the specific purpose of showcasing just how badly I needed to get my hair done (do not fret I got my strands tended to today).

I also wrote about an obsession I have with sparkly things here in an article for The Budget Fashionista. If you have no budget and like sequins too you should peruse it.

And, unless you live in a nudist colony or are The Situation you might need to wear a top. These are nice... and majorly cheap.

And, as you all know about my obsession with the 70's, I wrote a piece on Boho fashion finds here.

Happy weekend to you. I'd like to get my hands on a glass of pinot noir asap. Cheers.

Why not?

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