Halloween Costume Contemplations

Since it's already the middle of October I've spent a lot of valuable time thinking about my Halloween costume (in lieu of doing more productive activities). I can obviously go the traditional, slutty here-are-my-boobs french maid or police officer route previously mentioned. But this year I'm thinking of branching out. I took to google for inspiration (side warning: never take your safety setting off moderate on google unless you want to be thoroughly disturbed) and found a few pictures- some of which are options, some of which are just wrong. 

First off, if I am feeling extra hungry Halloween night I might go as one of my favorite foods:

Please note the detail in the soup...I just don't know about her shoe choice here...

Or if I'm particularly thirsty maybe I'll be one of my favorite drinks?

Again with the shoes. Nice pose though. 

If I'm feeling entirely inappropriate I could go here:


This also seems wrong:
I get the point but... having learned from a best friend with a penchant for changing her race every Halloween... might not be a good idea.

If none of these work out, I could just go back to the risque route, maybe add some extra flair like this tasteful lady:
Very Janet Jackson on the cover of Rolling Stone... she might have tied it tighter for some extra "lift" ?

What's your vote? Any other suggestions? Everyone and their mom is going to be wearing Lady Gaga's meat dress but I guess I could just go stock up on steaks at Costco...

Cup of noodles via break.com

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