Tuesday's Top 10; Ten Ways You Know You Did College Right

1. You went to censor the more scandalous of your facebook pictures post graduation and had to hide all of your college albums.

2. At every family function someone in your family tells you they "want to come back as (college) you."

3. Your liver still resembles that of an eighty-year-old sailor.

4. You hear draft, you think beer; you hear shots, you think alcohol.

5. You have a beautiful collection of business cards and very little recollection of collecting said cards.

6. You never answer an unknown phone number (see above).

7. Your costume collection could (scantily) clothe a small army.

8. You have a favorite watering hole in a myriad of cities thanks to your football weekenders.

9. Campus security still refers to you fondly as the "streaking (or insert debauchery of choice) girl" even though you've graduated.

10. You cried after graduation... for a month.

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