Thanksgiving Thank You Note

Since it is the time of giving thanks (and stuffing yourself with food), I decided to write a personalized thank you note to some of my favorite individuals.

To my best friends, 
Thank you for assuring me that you love every blog post (the good and the bad). Thank you also for telling me when I am being inappropriate by dancing on top of a fountain or sharing life secrets with the bartender. Finally, thank you for continuing to be my friend despite the fact that I send you blackberry pictures of my dog and outfit contemplations regularly.

Serving the bartender might have been the point it got inappropriate

To my parents, 
Thank you for always answering your phone when my car is broken or I can't find green onions at the grocery store.

To my grandma,
Thank you for giving me your amazing mohair and fur sweaters that I wear with pride. It ups the cool factor that I'm able to say "this was my grandma's."

To 103.5, 
Thank you for accepting that November is a perfectly splendid time to start playing Christmas music.

To Dan,
Thanks for introducing me to over easy eggs, handling the heavy lifting and dressing like Ronald McDonald on Halloween...It's a real pick me up whenever I need a laughable mental image.

Thank you for filling your line-up with reality shows (cough, Say Yes to the Dress, Sister Wives, Four Weddings...) that are disturbingly addictive.

To wine,
Thank you for always hanging out with me on the weekends, despite your other obligations. Also, thanks for making the world seem rosier.

Other things I'm thankful for: kindness from strangers, the bravery and sacrifice of our troops, Jesus (my main man), my brothers, stuffing, pumpkin pie, the fact that I graduated (somehow), people that let you cut in front of them when you're stressed during freeway merging, black eyeliner (for sticking with me throughout the past eight years of our relationship), my travel adventures, dirty martinis, USC football games (for allowing me to step back into college every so often), warm towels, peonies, pasta, flea markets, and miraculously comfortable high heels.

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