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Craving: Warm sun

Coveting: Sara Berman Convertible Leather Jacket with Genuine Shearling Collar

On My To Do List: Track down my college diploma (woops), start Christmas shopping (yikes), endure diet of chicken and veggies after a magical weekend of in n out, s'mores for breakfast, and copious amounts of wine.

Watching: "Love In The First Person" by photographer Matt Eich. I fell in love with this video a couple of years ago and still think it's beautiful.

At twenty, photojournalist Matt Eich has maturity dropped in his lap: his world-class career takes off, just as his girlfriend becomes pregnant. Together they document their budding lives, as they grapple with some very grown-up choices. See the project at http://mediastorm.com/publication/love-in-the-first-person

Reading: Four Male Habits That Drive Women Crazy ... I'm thinking I should right the follow up article. And Where To Find "Winter" In Southern California... I want to go skating at the W.

Inspired by: Young Kate

On My Social Agenda: Ice skating and drinks at the W (I hope); my brother's high school football game (what has my life come to?)

Wondering: Why is my family so horrible at Catchphrase?

I've also realized why Thanksgiving isn't my favorite holiday. Christmas- all about the presents (Happy Birthday Jesus! Let's give each other gifts!) ; New Year's- all about the alcohol; birthdays- all about me; Halloween- all about the outfits; Thanksgiving- all about the food (and I don't even like turkey).

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