Hey, I'm Not Going To Judge You...

1. If you consciously wear cuter pajamas to bed (in lieu of your usual retainer/underwear combination) when there's earthquake warnings.

2.  If you care about who won the world series as much as you care about your grandpa's bowel movements.

3. If you give yourself points for throwing on your exercise outfit... even though you never made it to the gym.

4. If you've ever shaved your legs before a pedicure just to avoid the mental preoccupation of "does this woman think my legs are disgustingly spiky?!"

5. If you frequently spoon your blackberry.

6. If your casual, messy bun actually takes about five attempts.

7. If the name of the nail polish is a huge factor in your decision when you "chooz yo cuh-la"

8. If you feel very uncomfortable when a guy recognizes your perfume because you know it means: A) his ex wore the same scent.  B) he is a creep.  C) he is a salesman giving out "free" perfume samples. D) he is a super creep.

9. If you liked Katherine Heigl better when she was in Disney's "Wish Upon A Star."

10. If you only sleep on one side of your bed because you saw a spider on the other side... three weeks ago.

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