Other Things I Did This Week

This week I had a reaction to getting my eyebrows waxed (sexy) and my brother came back from West Point, NY with dark hair:

He's now the token brunette in our family.

At Thanksgiving I ate a belt removing amount, got in trouble for drinking the most expensive bottle of wine (I chose it simply because it had the prettiest bottle...typical) and also contemplated why there was Absinthe at the bar.

I also spent a lot of time doing this sort of thing with my favorite napping partner:

People at my house watched football, ate s'mores and took naps. I was overwhelmed with the excitement of it all...

In between meals and naps I squeezed in some time to write.

I started a new column for The Budget Fashionista titled "We Like Her Style." Every week I'll be featuring stylish bloggers that I adore. Considering I spend half of my waking hours looking at blogs this is an especially exciting column for me. This week I featured one of my favorites Beth Jones of B. Jones style.

In other TBF news I also did a post on studs (of the metal variety...) and also headwear (aka hats and headbands... and turbans).

And, even though you might not care anymore I wrote a Black Friday Playbook. Ironically I was too turkey hungover and exhausted to even make it to the mall. As Oscar Wilde said, the best thing to do with good advice is to pass it on since it's never of any use to you.

Hope you're enjoying a leisurely Sunday. xo

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