Hey, I'm Not Going To Judge You...

1. If you consider shopping cardio.

2. If you prefer books to kindle. It's the romance of the tangible thing.

3. If its ever taken you an entire song to realize you weren't listening to an english radio station.

4. If you've ever worn makeup from the night before to a family function.

5. If you thought you were a total zumba master until you looked in the mirror and realized what you thought you were doing looks a little different than what's actually happening.

6. If you're genuinely convinced that every lane on the freeway automatically slows down once you are in it.

7. If you've ever slept in a ball because there were mounds of clothes on your bed (sometimes a girl just can't be bothered to organize).

8. If you spend hours on jib jab making videos for your own viewing pleasure.

9. If you take off your waist belt before you even start the meal.

10. If you're horrible at beer pong but still believe you really could win this time around.

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