Hey, I'm Not Going To Judge You...

1. If you count butter as a calorie-free ingredient while cooking (hello, it's necessary- haven't you seen Julie and Julia?). 

2. If you put on just a touch of mascara before the gym because you know cute treadmill guy will be there (woman with false eyelashes on the elliptical- I am judging you). 

3. If you splurge on special, out-of-your-budget items every once and awhile (it's called coloring outside the lines- live a little Wells Fargo). 

4. If you think potty humor is hilarious (hey, everyone poops. Except girls.). 
5. If you consider your cell phone more of an appendage than an accessory.

6. If you buy the cheapest gas for your car and the most expensive shampoo for your hair (your engine doesn't need to be shiny and frizz-free).

7. If sometimes you only feel like shaving when you're expecting a visitor. 

8. If you enjoy top-shelf liquor and cheap eats (Veuve Clicquot and Kraft Mac and Cheese, party of 1). 

9. If your favorite part of baseball games is the beer... and tight baseball pants. 

10. If you instantly dislike anyone with mushy, personalized licence plates. 

Photo: Femme Tales