Something I Picked Up Last Week...

... Aside from a Coachella cold and a nice collection of blisters there is something pretty important I picked up last week: a full-time job.

You might recall I've worn many hats in the past eleven months since graduating (figuratively of course, you know that this was the only on-my-head sort of hat I'd worn up until last week) including reporter, actress, writer, blogger, social media guru, and my dog's personal assistant. This job happens to be a lovely combination of just about everything I've been doing and I'm dancing a jig with excitement.

It also means I have "normal person" hours; co-workers (that I see in person); and a sudden need to purchase tupperware (in which to bring my gourmet homemade lunches, obviously).

My first day at work I brought in egg salad and a raging, coughing, sneezing cold. They love me already.

I'll still be here talking your ear off on the intricacies of boob tape and mixed patterns but I figured I'd fill you in just in case you hear me referencing the workplace.


The blonde girl standing next to you in the elevator attempting to wiggle her tights up without you noticing

image via This Is Glamorous 


  1. Hahaha boob tape! These fun bags don't come with instructions. Your stylish advice is always delightful. and thanks for the tips! ;)

  2. Welcome to the club, the one with normal people hours, and tupperware!

  3. Morgan, please don't be offended when I steal the term fun bags... Thanks for reading :)

    Claudia, thanks for the welcome. It's a strange, awesome club...