Current Crushes

Hello there my little dumplings. At the moment I'm sitting in a freezing cold room wondering just how many cups of coffee one can consume without permanent damage.

Additionally, I've mapped out a list of vintage, consignment and thrift shops I want to pop into this afternoon and aside from my already known obsession with maxi skirts (seen here, here and here) I'll also be looking for pieces in line with my current sartorial inspirations.

Take a peek and let me know your thoughts. Also, what are your favorite vintage haunts in LA?

1. Anything fringey and kimono-esque

2. Partially bare Midriffs; floppy hats

3. Pleats and nudes. 

4. Brights and Nudes coexisting.

5. Circle glasses (I want these Ray-Bans)

6. Denim & tights.

Image 1via Lovers in Vain, Image 2 via Lovemore, Image 4 via 5 Inch and Up, Image 6 via Vanessa Jackman


  1. I'm obsessed with each of these images, you have an impeccable eye J!!!

    The Way We Wore & the vintage section at American Rag!! (both are on La Brea.) They're both a little pricey but you will find absolute TREASURES to run away with!!! xoxoxo