Friday's Favorite Things

So, I've kind of had a funky week. I did some interesting things, like catch a cold, subsequently lose it then pick it up again in accidental haste.

I did not unload my laundry from a week ago (to give you an indication of my focus this week) but somehow found time to prance through all of Santa Monica's consignment and vintage stores.

Great Labels was pretty impressive and if you're looking for (previously loved) Missoni dresses at an eighth of the price it's your stop. Wasteland totally hit my sweet spot with a big collection of maxi skirts; unfortunately I got there minutes before closing time and in a moment of haste got a zipper stuck in my hair in the dressing room while yelling to the hipster dressing room attendee- "I'm almost done! lightning fast!" ... I walked out with a cool, albeit random and awkward (sort of) Indian tunic. Your guess is as good as mine.

Some other things happened but most days involved me staring at a computer screen with the attention span of a kindergartner on pixie stix.

Here's what I like right now (aside from you... and carbohydrates)

1. Favorite discovery: almond milk (heaven in a cup).

2. Favorite alter-ego revisited: 

3. Favorite stylish lady: Joanna Hillman. She's always on point and her boots are from Gap. All star.

4. Favorite Blog of the week: Streetfsn, for its NY Fashion week updates... sigh, to be there.... in this outfit:

5. Favorite little moment: really lol'ing (hard) at my bbms in public.

*Un-favorite moments: dog farts; any time spent on the 405; an audition which required me to learn Michael Jackson choreography and perform with all professional dancers (yes, it was as comical as you're imagining).

Image 2 via Citizen Couture 

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