Hey, I'm Not Going To Judge You...

1. If your boyfriend is more domestically talented than you are. 

He just loves doing the dishes.
2. If you've ever read the words "bread crumbs" in a recipe and wondered, "how the hell do I crumble up that much bread?@!"

3. If you really like your dog but you only really love it when it smells good (the same can be said of men...).

4. If you refuse to ever institute an open pooping policy in your romantic relationships.

5. If you think guys posting topless mirror shots of themselves on facebook is more gag worthy than females doing the same (girls are known to be insecure and needy, especially when they have daddy issues... duh.)

6. If your bladder is perfectly trained to require a trip to the girls' room when the check is about to hit the table.

7. If you go to bed with your mouth watering at the thought of your morning cup 'o joe.

8. If you get speed-level competitive with everyone around you when you're on the treadmill... especially the stupid chick in the itty bitty spandex shorts... bitch.

9. If you read every single review when you're researching hotels.

10. If you live meal to meal; weekend to weekend: modern girl's hedonism?

1 comment:

  1. #6 HAHAH!!! #7 Ditto. #4 amazing, LOL. #10 Absofrigginlutely!!! xoxo