MAXImum Glam

I've already mentioned my obsession with maxi skirts and dresses, but everywhere I turn (and click) they keep catching my eye! I just can't get enough of the glamorous hippie vibe. I think I was born in the wrong era. Just call me Jen-nay, as in, "Run Forrest Run!" (minus that little drug use phase and subsequent unflattering death at the end).

It's "me!" Peace, love and middle parts.
Anyways, I'm particularly fond of these floor length pieces worn with rough boots, chunky sweaters, vests, and leather bomber jackets. I picked up the leopard print (I know, I know... again with the complex) maxi directly below from H&M and I can already tell she and I are in the beginning of what will be a splendid relationship. We already survived a night of many spilled vodka sodas and colossal frizz-your-hair-beyond-repair rainfall. Enjoy these images that showcase the variety of ways to do the maxi.

Image 1 & 6 via Where Did U Get That; Image 2 & 4 via Style.com; Image 3 & 7 via The Sartorialist; Image 5 via All The Pretty Birds

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