An Old Lady's Skirt And A Field Of Mud

Glasses- H&M; Fur- Vintage (Grandma); Necklaces- Vintage; T-shirt- Calvin Klein undershirt (Dad); Sweater- Abercrombie & Fitch (High School collection); Belt- Vintage; Skirt- Consignment, from Address Boutique

If you ever happen upon a deserted lot in your suburban California neighborhood, the best thing to do is force your seventeen year old brother to snap photos of you; they love it. 

Yesterday I donned this layered ensemble for an afternoon of filming a fashion segment for Patch. It had been raining on and off all day and in between menacing gray clouds there was a respite of bright sky that was Santorini ocean blue. 

I picked up this hunter green maxi at Address Boutique in Santa Monica last week. As far as consignment stores go this one was a gem, with tons of top tier designer pieces. And, as a warning, it's the kind of place that assigns a "personal shopper' to you (which if you are like me, you do not necessarily like) and has no dressing room (think baring your hanky panky uncovered butt to middle aged women that think you should date their nephew...). But, if you're prepared for this, it's worth it. 

Take a peek at this prairie shoot and tell me your thought on fur with t-shirts. I tend to think it works but I also wear fur when I'm in my pajamas watching Gossip Girl so my perception can be a bit off.

PS you might recognize the awesome stone necklace from my Patch story on vintage shopping locally. I shopped on the job... woops. 

 Photos by John Hagy

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