NY Fashion Week: Street Style Standouts (Or, Admitting I Have A Complex)

I've never had a mink break my heart, steal my latte or take the last discounted designer dress in my size so I'm not sure why I seem to have such an agenda to wear their fur. It's a bit morbid and wrong, I know, but I'm completely obsessed with every fur draped lady that was spotted in NY last week.

There's plenty of politically correct things to love about these images as well (hello bell bottoms; floppy hats; circle glasses; maxis) so take a peek and let me know your favorites.

Bill Cunningham said that the best runway show has always been, and will always be, on the street. I can't disagree.

Image 1 via All the Pretty Birds; Image 2 & 3 via The Sartorialist; Image 4 via Where Did You Get That; Image 6 & 7 via GQ; Image 8 via Vanessa Jackman

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