Hey, I'm Not Going To Judge You...

1. If you think Christmas is more romantic than Valentine's day.

2. If chipped nail polish doesn't ruffle your feathers much.

3. If you cared more about what people wore to the Grammy's than how they sounded.

4. If your closet is color coded by sleeve length but there's also heaps of clothing on your floor.

5. If someone tells you you were in their dream and you wonder what your dream self was wearing...

6. If the thought of taking a couple's picture at a restaurant makes you incredibly uncomfortable.

7. If you've worn heels to a backyard BBQ.

8. If you think you look skinnier after one day of exercise.

9. If you bought the CVS knock off eye cream at the drugstore with the following internal dialogue: "well, I don't really have any eye wrinkles yet so I can get the cheap stuff... it's only preventitive." 

10. If your dog leaves the room when you sing to him.

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