Hey... I'm Not Going To Judge You

1. If you expect your girlfriends to be honest, but expect your boyfriend to always tell you your butt looks great in those jeans.

2. If you eat the cheese off the wrapping of your In N Out burger... it's that good.

3. If you have to change the font from blah Times New Roman in order to get your creative juices flowing.

4. If you feel slightly badass when you leave the gas station without pressing whether or not you want a receipt.

5. If you bought your Halloween candy a week in advance... but had to purchase more the day before Halloween... Halloween ghosts ate it...duh.

6. If you're team Swift no matter what the real situation was. I hate you John Mayer and Joe Jonas... I hate you!

7. If the only glue you own is false eyelash glue.

8. If you've ever searched for your cell phone when you were on it.

9. If you feel slightly connected to a car when you drive next to it for an extended period of time... that honda and I spent an hour together! I'll miss it!

10. If you're just a mean person without carbs.

1 comment:

  1. If...you laugh out REALLY loud at work while reading the "Hey, I'm not going to judge you series," and try to play it off as if you're coughing.