Tuesday's Top 10; Top 10 Things To Like About High Heels

1. They always fit, even on your I feel-like-a-beached-whale-that-just-ate-a-bag-of-doritos days.

2. They transform an outfit from stumpy-frumpy to come-hither kitten.

3. They're absolutely necessary and can always be fiscally justified. This is not Pam Anderson/Britney Spears' world... you cannot go barefoot... and you definitely cannot go barefoot while eating cheetos in a gas station.... (I'm craving chips today?...)

4. They look pretty lined up in your closet.

5. They're easier to try on than clothing.

6. They look great with nothing else on...

7. They're slenderizing- they make the legs look lengthy and the bum look high and tight.

8. They help little people attain average height.

9. In theory, men can buy them for you without looking awkward. I'd marry any guy who was thoughtful enough to pick up some Louboutins for me on his way home from work... sigh.

10. They're good weapons (stilettos are seriously sharp and sometimes people are seriously annoying. Put it together and...).

Image 1 via The Guardian

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