Hey, I'm Not Going to Judge You...

1. If you lower your standards (just a tad) for men with accents. That jobless Australian? ... 'ello mate!

2. If you believe you too could look just as good as any celebutante if you also had a personal trainer, chef and extensive hair and make-up crew.

3. If you're secretly happy when the barista flubs your order and gives you the full-fat latte instead of your non-fat skinny alternative (if you didn't order the calories, they don't count).

4. If you love little kids, but also love giving them back to their parents when they start crying or filling their diapers.

5. If you try to make every Halloween costume just a little bit sexy. "Yes, I have a frightening mask on, but look- here are my boobs!"

6. If you consider boiling cooking.

7. If you agree to go golfing with your boyfriend only because you've mentally planned an adorable, preppy ensemble.

8. If you start thinking about what you want for Christmas... in September. It's generous of you to give advance notice. 

9. If you act candid when the camera comes out even though you're positioning your arm in it's "casual skinny" pose.

10. If you still call your mom when you can't find things at the grocery store.

(Photo 2 via Leecothran, Photo 3 via Forbes)

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