Pillow (S)Talk

For the past two months I have been a woman stalking pillows. On the hunt for the perfect bedding and the even-more-perfect pillows I've exhausted every option; upon seeing my friend's brand new apartment for the first time i was singularly consumed with the origin of her adorable mod throw pillows; mid makeout I asked a boy where exactly he got his simple and chic comforter. And as if the problem wasn't consuming enough, the search came to a crashing crescendo when I took to the internet.

Once on the web, one of my favorite blogs, Katie Armour's "The Neo-traditionalist,"exposed me to a favorite new site, The Well-Appointed House. The site is brimming with adorable graphic pillows and charming knit decorative pillows (many of which boast a dog-lover's theme). Below are some of my favorite finds on the site (oh, did I mention orange is my new favorite color?).

Pillows Range from $50-$300 at www.wellappointedhouse.com

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