Style Spotlight: Lindsay's Jailbird Couture

Lindsay Lohan is set to begin serving her 90-day prison sentence in five short days and I've been thinking a lot about her well-being. Namely, what will she have to wear ? (gasp!) and will she look good in her uniform?

The jury's still out (pun intended) on whether inmates wear striped get-ups or bright orange jumpsuits (apparently retro striped jumpsuits are making a comeback because the orange scrubs have caused nurses to be mistaken for inmates... I'd like to see that) so I've checked into both options for Lindsay and it seems she's a fan of both styles (phew!).
Here's Miss Lohan sporting a marvelous orange scarf to cover up her long luscious (hair extensions) locks while shopping. Unfortunately for her, the color she once used to go "incognito" will now be used as a tool to find her if she attempts to escape. And, as US Weekly is reporting, Lindsay is trying to escape already- the magazine claims that the actress checked into rehab today (for the fourth time) in attempts to avoid her jail sentence.

If the rehab plea doesn't pan out for the starlet, it seems that her fake tanner might save the day! As seen below, Lohan is already so orange, she might not even need the uniform, her glow is radiant enough to mark her criminal status!
(Photo: thegloss.com)

And finally, just in case stripes have made an official comeback this fall season in the California slammers, Lohan is a seasoned pro in prison stripe style. She's been enjoying the look for quite some time now, as evidenced below.

(Photo: contact music)

(Photo: The Insider)
So bon voyage Lindsay! Just think, half the trouble with trips is planning what to wear, and they've got you covered! 

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