When in Austin,TX: Shop!

Last month I got the chance to visit my very close family friend Hailee Steinfeld on the set of her new movie "True Grit." At just thirteen Hailee is starring opposite Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin in this Coen brothers flick due out in theaters Christmas Day. 

We spent most of our time on location with Hailee, mingling with Bridges and Damon, who are both as sweet as pie and as handsome as they look on screen. But in addition to sitting in director's chairs and eating more craft services than I can even describe, we also got to explore (essentially eat and drink our way through) Austin. I enjoyed the eclectic, lively vibe that pulses through the city: young people everywhere, ice cream stands next to upscale eateries, and some very friendly cowboys (hello y'all!).

        Austin by Night (photo: Jessica Hagy)

But most of all I could not get enough of the vintage stores that were all over the city. I have an overwhelming affection for vintage fashion- the 1960's and 70's especially- and dragged the crew to every vintage/thrift store I could get my swollen-from-the-amount-of-fried-food-we-ate hands on.

Two stores tickled my fancy in particular. First, Feathers Boutique (1700 B. Congress Ave)- an adorable little shop with fabulous prices and interesting and carefully selected pieces. There were a ton of great eighties finds and fun patterned rompers (which, despite many valiant efforts, just do not work on me). I picked up a sexy cut out cocktail dress and was also in awe of their collection of vintage Playboy magazines-- (all that hair! that's really all I have to say about that). The selection is organized and easy to manage so it's also a great store if you're not able to sift through jam-packed racks. They've also got a cute blog with store updates.

My second shopping crush was Mana Culture- a store with a gorgeous line of original necklaces, rings and earrings, most of which are hand-crafted and designed by Mana. I picked up some unique gold necklaces from Mana Culture at the local artist's market on Congress street but they also have a boutique at 2214 South 1st St and a website with some of their pieces. I recently fell in love with the "Selene" earrings (seen above) on the website. I'm a gold lover and these have an interesting, ethnic feel.

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