Cashmere Bum

Sweater- Vince, Dress- Zara, Bag- Vintage Coach, Shoes- Stuart Weitzman, Turban (last seen here)- Asos, Glasses- Topshop 

When I'm feeling lazy there are two things I undoubtedly always want to wear: flowy dresses and cashmere.

This week I'm in a post holiday funk. I'm depressed Christmas is over, I'm in denial that I don't get to enjoy my beloved (college style) four week break and I'm all confused about packing for my trip to Texas... well, I was confused... now I'm sitting on top of an overstuffed bag  praying that I was smart not to bring my heavy coats.

I'm not quite sure about Texas. The first time I visited Austin this June I came back feeling like a blimp after consuming every fried food imaginable and eating amazeballs catering on the set of True Grit. As I head to Dallas for the first time I'm expecting more of the same- as in, fried food, men with cute texan accents, and big everything. With packing, mourning the death of Christmas, and meeting my best friend for coffee on the agenda today I needed a comfy, mellow outfit... so this happened.

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