Things To Do (For the Sake of My Closet & Soul)

A closet and soul might be considered one in the same: they both house memories, good times (flattering party frocks), bad times (pleated, plaid, high waisted pants that make your ass look a mile wide...), and define us, for better or worse. Of course, a soul might be a little more timeless, but a vintage quilted Chanel handbag is a close second (alert: I possess soul but not yet Chanel...)

These things (which I plan to do) make my soul and closet warm and fuzzy:

1. Go completely nude (allegedly this dress is from H&M):

2. Make headband that resembles this one: 

 3. Sleep, Eat, Dream, Drink, Play, Wander in these colors: 

4. Get bangs (except, this is up for debate due to wavy hair and tendency to exhibit laziness in hair category...)

5. Get pet elephant (elephants... they're so hot right now)

If you're wondering who this amazing blond blogger that I'm clearly obsessed with at the moment is, her name is Coury and her blog is called Fancy Treehouse (of course it's a perfectly whimsical and adorable name...).

Image 1 via FashionToast; Image 2, 3, 4, via Fancy Treehouse

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