Street Style Roundup

Between NY, London, Milan and Paris fashion week I've been dizzied by inspiration from all over the world. Street style never fails to excite me because it makes fashion seem tangible. Seeing "normal" (although most are model thin and work in fashion) women express a point of view with their clothing seems more accessible than watching models lurch down the catwalk.

There's some of the usual suspects in here, (cough Anna, Joanna, Olivia) as well as some fresher faces. Who topped your best dressed list at the shows?

Image 1,3, 4 & 5 via Street Fsn; Image 2 &15 via Street Style Aesthetic; Image 6, & 7 via The Sartorialist; Image 8, 9, 10, 11, 13 & 14 via Mr. Newton; Image 12 via Vanessa Jackman


  1. Wow! These women look amazing! Would love to know where the photos were taken respectively. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Jetsetter, thanks for stopping by! I know the last few images are from Paris but if you're looking to know where the rest were snapped I'd reference the photography sources I listed at the bottom since those are the origin of the image.

    I'll be sure to include the locations next time :)