My Idols: The Ladies of Advanced Style

I have always admired and aspired to be like crazy old ladies. I hope they won't be offended that I've used the world old, in fact I should say "vintage" because there's really nothing "old" about these ladies at all.

I love them for their sense of frivolity and abandon. It seems, from my limited life perspective of just a couple of decades, that somewhere between 20 and 80 you really find your voice and individuality. And somewhere, in that mix, you realize that what matters most when dealing with style is the representation of self. What matters, is the personal joy you get out of crafting your look, the creative enjoyment you experience when layering a look that screams you! and nobody else.

When you hit 80 you don't care if what you're wearing is right or current or passe... all that matters is whether or not your individual style, which took decades to perfect and polish, is oozing out of what you wear.

So, here I am, 22 years old, and I'd like to take my fashion ques from some crazy vintage ladies. Well, lucky for me, the blog "Advanced Style" is dedicated solely to these fabulous women and their style. I stumbled upon this blog earlier today and have been consumed by inspiration and happiness since. You'll have to take a peek at their work for yourself, but in the meantime here are some of my favorite findings.

This sassy lady made me laugh out loud:

Advanced Style Presents: Ilona Royce Smithkin from teenage peanut video productions on Vimeo.

Some other favorites:


  1. I've got another one for ya!!!



  2. Emily- thank you for that- loveeee her! cute as a button and so sophisticated.