Happy Pants

Top- H&M (this week); Pants- Tory Burch; Shoes- Jessica Simpson Dany Platforms; Purse- Vintage Coach; Necklaces- Vintage. 

Some pants are just happier than others.

These previously mentioned, Austin Powers-esque pantatlones are the happiest of the bunch. I never thought I'd be slapping a bright floral print over my bum, but something about these Tory Burch wide legs just did it for me.

I always know a piece of clothing is meant for me when I can't stop dancing in the dressing room. It's like you feel a piece of your personality manifested in fabric and you just think "this is so me."

Anyways, before I get philisophical about some groovy pants I'd like to apologize for the quality of these images. This photoshoot sprung up unexpectedly around 1 am and consequently features a lovely accessory- an unnecessary glass of pinot in hand.

You might see this pants in better lighting sometime, so consider this a sneak peek.

And, if you've been on the emotional roller coaster of "The Bachelor" finale and would like to talk about Emily and Brad... I'm here for you.

Interesting pose number 1, titled: Someone was getting groovy (baby) next door.

Interesting pose number 2, titled: Wilting flower in hotel hallway. 


  1. Hah! If I were a bumble bee I'd so pollinate those, and then take a sip of your pinot and fly blearly back to the hive.

  2. ha- a drunken bumble bee! sounds like an interesting poem...