Hey, I'm Not Going To Judge You...

1. If you set your cruise control on surface streets.

2. If you put perfume on before you go to bed... alone.

3. If you've ever tailored your outfit to fit the vibe of the cocktail you will be drinking that night.

4. If you're more of a chapstick chick than a lip gloss girl.

5. If you think few things could be worse than a wet doorknob.

6. If you feel rebellious parking in two spots at once.

7. If your face has felt the light of your laptop more than the light of the sun lately.

8. If driving with shoes on seems weird to you.

9. If you cried every time you saw the chubby kid on American Idol.

10. If you have such intense (undiagnosed) ADD that you have to switch cardio machines every 20 minutes to avoid dying of boredom.

PS, Well looky here my little cupcakes:

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