Friday's Favorite Things

It's been awhile since I've kept up with my list of favorites for the week and I know you've been generally weepy about this. You've been drowsy, dragging, down in the dumps, considering-wearing-a-tracksuit-in-public sort of depressed over this void, haven't you?

Well... never fear my little cinammon sticks! Here it is!

1. Favorite decision of the week: Following Ingrid Michaelson on Twitter. Simply because she says things like this:

"I just want to say one thing - I love cheese."

"I would be in such great shape if it weren't for my sweet tooth. And my salty tooth. And my snickers tooth."

"I want to snuggle with Barbara Walters. She seems like she would be good at it."

Obviously, these are the thoughts of my heart as well.

2. Favorite Tune: Sea Of Love by Cat Power

3. Favorite Laugh-out-loud:
One of the new friends we made in Vegas last weekend just teachin' me how he likes to get down. One of the highlights of this picture is the fact that I decided to clutch his index fingers romantically. Killer move of mine.

4. Favorite online discovery: Irina Werning's "Back to the Future" project.  This photographer Irina has been inviting people to reenact their childhood photos and since I've got a wild case of nostalgia and love of awkwardness I am obsessed.

Here's some of her work:

I'm thinking these might be contenders for my reenactment:

5. Favorite color: Green

Image 8 via Le Fashion, Image 9 via Where Did You Get That, Image 10 via Vogue Diaries, Image 11 We Heart It


  1. Holy cow! Fast forward about 4 years; who does the girl-in-green on photo #5 look like? It's uncanny!

    I'll bet you saw that.

  2. Umm... yeah, I think the ski photo might be easier. *whistles while walking silently away*

  3. sofkee- I agree that logistically the bathing suit photo could pose issues.