Let's Take This To The Bedroom

I'm in the process of revamping my boudior (yes, I drop this word casually in conversation) at the moment, and as usual I've found some inspiration in the blogosphere.

Let's do it:

Essentially, my dream bedroom. You wanna talk about it? Okay, fur pillows- do me; framed eclectic art collage-heck yes; all white bedding, pale pink flowers- I love you; bed frame- eh, you're boring but I'm not that mad at you. 

 Let's be honest about this whole thing and say a lot of the awesomeness here comes from the hot diggity architecture. Who doesn't want to live in the attic with a bean bag? But again, all white and a chandelier- two of my go to's. 

Again with the chandelier and white bedding, but I'd like to note the window dressing here- if these were in a bold color I'd meow. 

Okay, yes. Printed curtains- why not? Bomb.com retro chair with gorgeous graphic print pillows? Fine. Pink walls? I'm indifferent... 

Yeah, okay, white bedding and chandelier. We get it. I couldn't resist. 

Ottomans at the end of the bed are all up in my grill and I am liking it. 

 Yeah, this makes me feel sparkly. Love the monogrammed pillows and bold color accents. Crystal accessories don't hurt either. 

I used to be all googly-eyed for this wall color... I'm growing a little sick of it. Mostly, I just want to enjoy the golden ottomans. 

Matronly wall treatments are not turning me on here, but the mix of prints and leopard blanket make me feel really, really good. 

 Would this make me dizzy on the day to day? I almost don't care... 

Image 1 & 10 via House Home; Image 2 & 9 via MFAMB; Image 4 via I Suwanee; Image 5 via Design Darling; Image 7 via The Glamourai

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