How To: Instantly Up Your Sex Appeal

1. Stand up straight. Though you may resent the advice your mother so lovingly nagged you with, posture works wonders in the slimming department. And throwing your shoulders back definitely beats hitting the gym.

2. Make friends with a stranger; confidence is the new black.

3. Create your own catwalk; all you need is an i-pod and some sass and that drab sidewalk is suddenly NY Fashion week (it's almost September so this is an especially relevant tip... and people always confuse you with Giselle anyways, right?...). 

4. Rock bold lipstick. One easy step glams up an entire look. 

5. Ditch the baggage. Nothing screams "I've got a long to-do list and a peculiar affection for hand sanitizers in several scents," like a bulky, daytime bag. Ditch the cargo for a less inhibiting alternative and you'll feel as free as Miss Lohan exiting the slammer. 

6. Wear your sexiest lingerie, even if you're the only one that will see it (But avoid any constricting or confusing get-ups...unhinging your lovely corset during your lunch break it just a tad inappropriate).

7. Step into sexy heels. Nothing need be said except: they make everything look better. 

8. Let your hair down, even if it's not in perfect shape. Tousled, messy (okay, sometimes greasy) locks scream "I just rolled out of bed... with a hot stallion of a man."

9. Spritz your favorite scent. After a long day of shopping (or God forbid, "work"), a dabble of your go-to perfume is an instant pick-me-up. Stash it in your purse for mood-lifting emergencies.

10. Go somewhere new. Whether it's the new wine bar you've been eyeing a few blocks over or a weekend getaway to a fresh city, you'll be the new girl... and that comes with benefits (um, male attention).

(Photos: Pit Van Meefe, idg)

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