Excuse Me, Your Vocabulary is Showing

Sometimes during my high school lunch breaks I would sneak off to the library and read the thesaurus. I know this is not an activity to brag about but the magic of saying one sentiment in so many colorful ways is exciting!

My secret academic eccentricities might have been slightly less awkward had I been reading the beautiful Webster's Fashion Color Thesaurus and Dictionary. I stumbled upon these beauties on SeeJaneWork's website which is heaven for the stylish organizational freak. I might not be willing to pay $180 a piece for them at the moment, but a nerd can dream.


  1. Dictionaries don't excite us all I suppose. BUT, if you had the hot pink thesaurus you could have employed some more exciting synonyms in your comment. It might have instead read, "I'm dozing," or "this is a painfully dull," OR "I prefer one word comments and thus do not need a large vocabulary." xo- Jessica