Apartment Aspirations

This summer I am living at home with my parents. I've been home for almost three months now and am starting to get slightly stressed because my response of "Oh I am at home for the summer," is about to run out. When school starts, the gig is up. It's not as forgiving to say, "Oh I am at home for the Fall, really wanted to enjoy the Autumn Holidays with my parents and teenage brother, they grow up so fast (insert faux parental sigh)."

When I was younger I always considered living at home after college comparable to wearing braces at 22 (that is to say, a petite social hindrance). Living at home meant you were the competitor on "Room Raiders" that was DEFINITELY not going to win, or that you like meatloaf and "The Price is Right." Luckily for me, my mom's not a big fan of meatloaf and I've got an over active imagination so I decorate my lovely imaginary apartment everyday. If you'd like to see what this imaginary apartment looks like you can enjoy the pictures below.

All Photos: Lonny Mag

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