Gone Shopping: Adore Vintage

Life is cruel sometimes. Just when you think to yourself, "hey, I can be thrifty and buy only what I truly need for the next two weeks" it goes and slaps you with sartorial findings that have you salivating.

Here the line between "truly need" and "what the hell was I thinking" becomes a little fuzzy.Vintage turbans more important than eating? Obviously. 

Well, the above musing is fueled by a recent discovery of Adore Vintage. It's a magically curated site, ripe with vintage gems and it's (thank you Jesus) not expensive!

Alert the mastercard, mama needs some 70's party dresses (what's new?).

Here are all of the things I would like in my closet:

1. 1960's Turban

2. 70's Sundress

Consider it a true testament to my endearment to you that I've divulged my favorite pieces...

See anythaaaang you like?

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