Blogspiration... And 10 Things I've Been Doing

Here are some things I've been doing lately:

1. Googling Marilyn Monroe.

2. Mastering the frozen food aisle in the grocery store.

3. Having issues with my nose which feels like it has knives inside the left nostril.

4. Dropping the above fact in conversation with strangers, casually.

5. Wondering why above strangers didn't want to talk to me about my possibly cancerous or flesh eating nostril.

6. Getting lost in the paint aisles at Home Depot and annoying all staff within a 30 foot radius.

7. NOT going on Web MD.

8. Eating sausages and drinking fancy beer at Bru Haus. Verdict: I do not appreciate quality beer but I do appreciate quality sausage (I set you up for this one...). And you should go here if you are a male that wears polos to work and wants to watch sports during happy hour (or, if you want to meet one of these creatures).

9. Testing out cheap wines at Trader Joes. One winner so far: Black Mountain Pinot Noir (let it also be known I incorporate bottle presentation into my assesment and have little to zero formal training or knowledge... but I am bossy and consume many a glasses of red).

10. Getting inspired by these ladies of the blogosphere:



What have you been up to sugar buns? 

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