Weird Things Are Happening...

Something is happening to me. Somewhere, in between the jumping around, the squealing, the cheers'ing and the color coding of my closet I have become... (semi) domestic.

"How can you claim such a thing?" you ask! Well, here's how: I've developed insomnia because I am consumed by.... couches.


And pots. And pans. And how in the hell you're supposed to cook anything without a microwave (that's another post). And how to paint a room. And how to sand a coffee table.

Who do I think I am?

Whoever I am, I dream of slipcovers. And I, naturally, have been doing some online stalking to further my mental preoccupations.

Here are some couch findings:

If you google couch you will get to enjoy this:

Or better yet, this: 
I feel bad leaving the image of vagina couches as your final take away from this post so here:

We're all soapy and clean now... 

And if, as you observe my very bizarre behavior,  you're fearing that I've become a regular Mad Men housewife, I'll just let you in on something to ease your mind: tonight I cooked a lean cuisine on a piece of cardboard because I don't have baking sheets... or a microwave... or anything besides wine glasses really.

images via We Heart It

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