Excuse My Absence

Hello there sugar pies. Hope you'll forgive me for being mostly absent this week. It's due to the fact that I am MOVING OUT.

If you've been around on this blog for a little while you know that I've been dreaming about my first post grad apartment for the past ten months (woah) so I'm naturally excited beyond measurement.

This also means you can expect some down and dirty DIY home projects and before and afters. After sharing so many smoking hot interiors on this blog my mind is muddied with inspiration and in a general haze at the moment.

It will be a slowly-but-surely process.

Hope you're having a sparkly week. Happy hump day to you.


  1. Ah, glad to hear you found something. Good times ahead! Wood floors or carpet? Fiber optic or dial-up?

  2. groovy carpet, thank you very much :)