Playing Dress Up: 1stDibs

There is a life of mine that exists within my mind. It's fantastical, splendid and sparkling. It is a world in which I roll out of bed to find hot, fresh brewed coffee on my desk, right next to a laptop, a stack of magazines and an abyss of time to be spent writing. 

It's a world in which fresh cut flowers are delivered to my house regularly; I have a personal masseuse; all dogs are potty trained; my makeup and hair always look professionally done; high heels are more comfortable than uggs; and there is no such thing as a hangover.

You might call this my dream life, and you might, as it turns out, call this some of my dream wardrobe. It falls into the dream category because at the moment I can't drop a cool 18 hundred on a dress. I probably shouldn't drop eighteen cents on a dress right now but let's be honest, I spent my cable money on vintage dresses this month (one of which you just saw). 

I'm so over TV anyways...

It's clear I can procrastinate with the best of them. Anything tickle your pickle?

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