Pink Loyalist

As you already know, pink's always been my color. Ever since that fateful day Kimberly the Pink Ranger made her way into my life I've been loyal through and through.

There's lots to love about pink: it's happy; playful; feminine; bold; and plays well with others. I've always had pink walls in my room but since I am turning into an uber sophistcated, mature woman I've been thinking it was time to go with gray.... or some other color that says, "I know how to do taxes and poach an egg" (two very grown up things in my mind).

But then, just as I try to run from my childhood wall choice I wind up seeing this yumminess (below) and I feel dizzied with confusion.

The perils of paint.

Be a dear, and tell me your thoughts. I'll take them in, let them jiggle around in my mind for a few seconds and then go back to contemplating the most pressing issue of the evening: how will I tame the mammoth pile of shoes that's growling from my closet?

Image 1 via Take Out In Couture; Image 3 via MFAMB; Image 4 via Belle Maison; Image 5 via Matchbook Magazine; Image 6 via Made By Girl


  1. stick with pink... it couldn't possibly be your room without it... and omg i love that pink chair/spoiled dog bed in the blue room with the white sheets... i want it...

  2. Isn't that room just amazeballs? I love the pink kick to an otherwise monochromatic room!