Orange Picking

Top: Ancient Hardtail; Skirt- Thrifted (Goodwill); Belt- Vintage; Shoes (last seen here)- Stuart Weitzman

I haven't had a middle part since second grade. It's been something I've constantly coveted ever since I knew who Gwenyth Paltrow was but I have a stubborn side part that just wasn't into being persuaded.

This week I took action. I declared it middle part week, pinned down stubborn strands and took no prisoners. It's day two right now and I'm feeling a bit more in control. I will, naturally, let you know how this exhausting battle pans out.

In other news, I bought this skirt from a South Central Goodwill a few years ago. I like its ethnic print and think it's just a little bit ugly... in a good way. I threw it on recently with a Hardtail top from seventh grade (that makes it practically vintage... right?) that has 70's-esque fluttered sleeves.

My favorite thing about this outfit is the rustic hues which just remind me of the 70's. Any favorite ways you're channeling the decade at the moment?

An attempt at orange juggling:

The (clearly unamused) audience:

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